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Live the Rhythm of the Tides

In the small, serene historic village of St. Martins stands the Tidal Watch Inn just 150 feet from the beaches of the Bay of Fundy where the highest tides in the world sweep in and out twice each day at our doorstep. 

Upon arrival at the Tidal Watch Inn, you realize this is a place in which you live the rhythm of the tides.  The tidal clock and tidal charts in the lobby as well as information from the Inn's hosts help guests determine the best times to walk the ocean floor and fully experience the wonder of the Bay of Fundy's giant tides.  And yes, the rise and fall of the tides each day are visible from the Inn's dining rooms and guest rooms.

The Tidal Watch Inn is a quiet, welcoming enclave of comfort on the Bay of Fundy. As a local songwriter and musician wrote "At the Tidal Watch Inn, you can watch the tide roll in, and feel your cares float away on the Bay"